ARTICLE: 'From the Desk of the DLDF' (2015)

In the July/August issue of the Dramatists Guild’s publication John Cariani wrote about his experience with the almost cancelled production of Almost, Maine in Maiden, NC.

"In October of 2014, school officials at Maiden High School in Maiden, North Carolina canceled a production of my play Almost, Maine citing its 'sexually explicit overtones' as the reason for pulling the plug. However, according to local media reports, many students felt that the real reason was because of public outcry over a scene in the play called 'They Fell' in which two men declare their love for one another. Within days, the school’s decision drew national attention and ire. Several major media outlets contacted me for comment, and asked me for a statement. I am not particularly political. I am not an activist. Almost, Maine is not a political play. It’s a sweet, sad collection of love stories. It’s about as unobjectionable as can be. And yet it has generated a surprising amount of controversy over the past few years because of 'They Fell.'"

Amy VonVett