DLDF Statement on Hamilton Controversy

The Dramatists Legal Defense Fund wishes to express its full support to the creators and cast of Hamilton, for exercising their right to free speech this week, and for using the theater to speak truth to power.  We believe that free expression does not require an apology. Further, we believe that theater was not invented to comfort those in power, but instead, to tell difficult stories in our complicated and diverse democracy. The President-Elect, offended by the manner in which the cast of Hamilton chose to speak their truth, commanded them to apologize. The chilling effect which this kind of command can have on the willingness of Americans everywhere to speak their truths is obvious and alarming. Censorship tells artists what they are not permitted to say. “Apologize!” goes beyond this to tell them what they are expected to say. We proudly stand with Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton as they quite literally sing these words from the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” You are an inspiration to your fellow artists and you have our gratitude and our support. 

This is an archived post from the original DLDF website.

Amy VonVett